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KakaKabu, the yaoi pairing with two characters from the anime and manga series Naruto, Hatake Kakashi and Yakushi Kabuto. For the open room for sex, mindgames, romance, and angst the pairing possesses, it has a depressingly low fanbase.

They're also hot. And sexy together. So come on people. Open your eyes.
"Wow, I never realized how tragically romantic KakaKabu is... have you looked into it yet?"
by eithy October 02, 2007
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KakaKabu, the pairing of Hatake Kakashi and Yakushi Kabuto from the anime series Naruto. Yaoi couple.

Medicnin + Copynin = random hotness.
by Sephy J Maxwell October 02, 2007
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