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An enormously creative female that is a jack of all trades in crafts and arts. With a kind hearted soul, hiding a sinister side within herself. Feigns innocence but is very kinky when asked to be. Kaitlynn's are always the sexiest and nicest person that you will come across. Once they start to trust you, you have gained a loyal trustworthy friend. Pray to the gods that you will end up dating these angels, these physical masterpieces, because at the end of the day you will want to have one around your arms enjoying the warmness that they bring. Smiles and good times are brought by them by a simple walk into the room. Joy and love will overcome all, but all of these amazing feels have to be fought for. Obtaining a Kaitlynn for a partner will be sad and frustrating, patience and determination will win you her heart and all the simple pleasures that come with it.
"I wish I could find my trust love, a Kaitlynn."
by Sunny(B) July 02, 2012
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An amazing girl. Is perfection. She will be the love of your life . She is sweet, caring, beautiful, creative, sexy and the one for you
. She is one of the funniest people you will know, she the greatest thing in your life. She will pick you up when you are down and she will love you with all of her heart. She will be the one that you want to marry.
Kaitlynn is the perfect girl
by Whales 12345245 October 27, 2013
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She that girl who will put a smile on your face. You can not say no to her. She's the funnest girl you will meet. Kaitlynn is amazing and there is no words to describe her. All of her friends say if Kaitlynn was not here I do not know how life would be. Shell tell you that she is okay but we she when she is sad and she does not want to let it out in stead she let's it get to her. But you need a Kaitlynn.
You can not find someone like Kaitlynn you have to go find someone who has that bright smile and she loves every thing you do for her. There is no better girl then kaitlynn
by KaitlynnV November 28, 2016
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the sexiest girl ON THE PLANET!! she's funny nice beautiful and all around the best girl to love in the world every girl should be like her
dam i wish i was kaitlynn because shes so much prettier than me
by uuuhhh idk?? April 30, 2009
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An Amazing person that just can make anyone smile. You can never be mad at a Kaitlynn. She sometimes likes to be called Kait but as long as you love her, she won't cause you any trouble. Always try to find a Kaitlynn in your life (:
" WOAH ! She is such a Kaitlynn! I hope she likes me"

" Hey! I found a Kaitlynn . We need to become friends with her!"
by Kaitlynn Hearter 21 October 03, 2011
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An Musical, Fun, Loving, Popular, Active, Fashionable, Smexi, Funny, Outgoing, Down 2 Earth, Beautiful, Genorous, An Big Sister, Emmers Best Friend, Life of the Party, Cool,
She's totally Kaitlynn

OMG a Kailtynn
by Emmers19 January 22, 2011
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Sweet, sexy, and psycho! She's a hyper little maniac with a cute voice. She doesn't take shit from anyone and she likes to be a smartass. She'll kick your ass with her spontaneous ninja moves. She is so cute its sexy. She's smart and a stoner. She can be quiet and extremely shy. she's creative and crazy or sleepy and lazy. She's fuckin amazing!!
She's tha shit. Bad ass lil ninja. Has many nicknames to describe her epicness. She's also a kinky lil girl ;) kaitlynn is my bi bunny
by burgers with cheese please September 02, 2010
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