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A pairing from k-pop boy group EXO. The combination of Kim Jongin (Kai) and Do Kyungsoo. Other names are for example Kado and Kaido.
"Hey do you ship Kaisoo?"
"Yeah I do."
by europeurban December 24, 2014
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words cannot express how perfect this pairing is

a ship that will never sink
i named my ship "kaisoo"


kaisoo will not sink

e t e r n a l l y
by ImANinja February 10, 2014
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The ship name of two popular Korean male idols, Kim Jongin and Do Kyungsoo.
The ship name is made from Kai, Jongin's stage name, and Soo, from Kyungsoo.
Fans put them together in a romantic, gay relationship.
Fan1: OMG Did you see the kaisoo 'jagiya' moment?? OBSESSED.
Fan2: Umm.. I don't ship kaisoo.
by SeHunHanLu January 24, 2018
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/Kʌɪsu /

1- A couple; Two adult Korean men by the stage names Kai and Kyungsoo who fell in love 7 yeas ago and the rest we're living it with them till this day.

1- The action of someone's hard, physical yet adoring and gentle love making.

1- As an adj, it has the same meaning-if not better connotation- as the following words combined: genuine, eternal, the epitome of perfection, unattainable for muggles, truer than your parents ... and so on and so forth.
1- Anti 1: Did you see how Kaisoo looked at eo yesterday eww?

Anti 2: But you have to admit, you can't be looking at your homie like that. They must be really dating!

1- J: Jagi~~~ I miss you ;(

K: uwu

J: Come here! I'll kaisoo the shit out of you tonight!

1- Two friends wiping their tears & exiting a movie theater in 1997.
Friend 1: *sniff* What a great love story!
Friend 2: yah, that was some real, kaisoo connection, right there!
Friend 1: jfierjckmai;ofamiefmjeirm
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by kaisoo's daughter July 02, 2018
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