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the coolest and hottest suicide girl who is stuck in kansas at the moment...
kaidence also means smooth rythm pronounced the same as "cadence" but spelled much sweeter..
that girl has a nice kaidence to her voice
by musicloveandwar July 06, 2009
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He is the kinda guy you always wanna be around, he is funny, intelligent and thinks he is the best at everything, but will only say it when he is around his friends. He is the best person to have conversations with because they can be intelligent and stupidly childish at the same time, he is the kinda person who makes you happy all the time even when he is proving you wrong. He will always have lots of friends but he will know who the true ones are. He has alot of female friends but tales forever to find a girlfriend because he is waiting for the perfect girl to take his heart. All the girls think he has the best 10 outta 10 looks but his true friends know he is only a 5 outta 10. He is a veary larg flirt but dose not relize he dose it its just his personality. He always wants to make people happy (and is veary good at it) and he never dose anything for himself. He is not the kinda guy who will often talk abo whats going on in his life so if he lets you in on whats going on you should be honnered. He tast in music is the best but veary few acctuly think so. Truly tho if you ever get the chance to meet a kaidence you should know that you never wanna screw him over cus he is the bestes friend you will ever have.
Wow is that a kaidence! He is the coolest guy
by Lifesgreat6 January 04, 2018
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she’s a beautiful girl. she’s not mean and rude. shes a great singer. she’s not a cheater and she’s loyal. she’s fun to be around. she’s not fake and she’s cares about her friends. she’s very athletic and likes to laugh. she’s kinda dramatic.
kaidence is a very kind girl
by unknown user1010191 May 16, 2018
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An amazing girl. Who will make you smile when ever or whatever she texts. Has the nicest body and is great in bed. She is not clingy and will let you hang with the boys.
Wow that guys girlfriend let him out on a Saturday night. She must be a kaidence.
by Frank Delaware July 04, 2018
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