Kagg; noun- a person who should be working but is just milking the clock , doing anything besides working while on company time. sneaking off to take a nap or to do something that is not part of your assigned work detail .

to Kagg, Kagging; verb-ducking out when you are supposed to be working.
Joey got fired for kagging at work.

Joey got caught smoking a jay & watching porn down at the job site....he's such a lazy Kagg.
by ROBERTA FRAPPLES May 07, 2019
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1-A person who has a very stupid voice and acts like a douche bag, only more douchy.
2- Slang term for penis.
Dude, did you see Trent last night? He was acting like such a kagg.
by jesse coch February 03, 2008
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A term used for someone who possesses an abnormally large stomach. (Kagge), usually goes by the name Love or some other ugly name. They usually have no friends and spend most time eating, (Kaggen växer). A fellow whom possesses a kagge is also often morbidly obese and usually struggles to live a normal life. They try to exercise but are held back by their obese kagge (Tjock kagge). A man with a kagge can often be seen struggling with depression, as their enormous kagge is hindering them from living a good life. ”to have a kagge, or not to have a kagge” - Stefan Löfven
Look at that guys belly, its huge!

Yeah, that’s a real kagge if i ever seen one.
by Maggen Kartin December 07, 2020
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