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N. An Amazing beast at any video game, sport, or pretty much anything...

N. A Nerd

N. Cheese
Boy that dude is either a kaes, a kaes, or a peice of kaes, and also who cut the kaes?
by BUCKEYE BLITZ May 12, 2009
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Residue in the nose, dried snot. Synonym for "booger".
"Ugh, there's a massive kae hanging out of your nose, please pick it out!"
by Bad Dog February 01, 2004
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An amazing girl with a nice ass, large breast, and a beautiful face. She also is an awkward girl she likes boy bands and all the boys go for her although she likes the boys in the boy bands instead of boys at her school and such she should also go out with a boy named Zach They would be perfect together and Zach is loyal so he will stay loyal to her and there ship name would be Zae or Kach
Boy 1 from school:hey Kae! Will you go out with me?
Kae:uhhh no I love Zach and my boy band

Zach:hey babe

Kae:hey Zach baby lets go

Boys from school:yep she’s definitely a kae
by WhyDontWeHaveFun August 31, 2018
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