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(K-ab~er) (Kaybur)
Referring to a Penis size which is not necessarily a porn-like-monster in girth and length but is in the same realm as way above average. Could be in porn and looks great on camera.
used to describe in proudness for content after pursuing or going through a trial for a desired partner's penis size, this also expresses adult modestness when asked for details on that particular persons member.
also used to describe a penis in which is the middle man of an above average and freakish, this is a big and can be quite intimidating penis that be used to ease a person into / onto a freakishly massive penis in movies.
a penis of high caliber
a sabre in the bedroom
in a gaelic game a kaber is a pole used to test strength , im sex terms it is a test of your body and soul.

Sam:"how big is his dick?"
Casey" his amazing ability to get me to climax isnt soley on his penis, he listens and pays attention to what i like and works at it with his mouth and fingers and vibrators that we sometimes use"
Jaime: "how big is his dick though?"
Casey " seriously? its ... big"
Bob : "thats all youre going to say about him?"
Casey : " yeah. thats our business"
Alex : "Ill tell you, it was perfect. it wasnt too big but felt like it, it had the right girth and right length to where it could do all the work if your looking for a straight up deep dickin pounding, its a good dick, a beautiful dick. a dick thats a trap, you can imagine settling down with it, not ever needing another but if you did it would be your main dick you wouldnt want to share and keep all to yourself."
Bob "damn..."
Casey : "well said, im short he has a kaber dick"
by BillyDeBurgandy December 07, 2014
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