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Once you get to know him, he has a very passionate and kind personality. You will most likely see him cracking jokes with friends or talking talking about some crazy adventure. He is usually one of the sweetest boyfriends there is and really loves any girl attention, so don’t mess this one up.
Girl 1: “Hey Kaamil was talking to me today.”
Girl 2: “Isnt he the best? I want him to be my boyfriend.”
by name hacks 101 August 18, 2019
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where do i even start?! Kaamil is one of the most drop dead amazing people you will ever meet. he is constantly caring for others and making everyone around him laugh. he is the only person i have ever stayed up past 4 am talking to about the most random things. when you don’t take time to actually speak to him, you may never know of how charming he really is. sometimes he seems like a biG tOugh gUy when he’s seriously such a warm teddy bear! he does this thing where whenever anybody is in a bad mood he can make them feel better with just a few cute words. not to mention he’s also a hottie ;) he is so unbelievably creative and absolutely hilarious. and as if this package can’t get any better, he listens to allllll the bomb songs, aNd love songs 🤩 a COMPLETE vsco boy! he also sends the most adorable texts at 4 am which put me in a gr8 mood for the rest of the day. i don’t know if i could ever repay all of his kindness, but i’ll definitely try 🤠 if you ever get the chance to have a Kaamil in your life, take it, he’ll be your sunshine on a cloudy day.
man i wish i was friends with kaamil, he’s always making everyone laugh
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A guy who is always in front of the camera or behind it.
Aka camel, cameraman.
Do you know where Kaamil is?
Yes, look for the camera. You will find him there!
by Phnxme7 December 30, 2010
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