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A delicate guido. A koopo embraces his feminine side and can often be found listening to soft rock and John Mayer. Usually originating from Staten Island, a common trend for koopos is to travel to the west coast after college and take snap chats of beach sunsets daily. A koopo is still notoriously sexual, though, and will often have some sort of fetish.
Sarah: “omg kelly check out this cute Italian kid I met down in San Diego, he says he’s from Staten Island

Kelly: “yeah he’s cute but be careful Sarah, that koopo might try to suck your toes”
by niodaywoh November 07, 2017
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similar to the Washington Post nickname Wapo. These are writings made by Jordan Thomas Cooper that are archived in Allen University and Berkeley County Museum in South Carolina.
Koopo was saved in generally every library in America.
by Coop Dupe June 11, 2018
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