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Maker of high quality eco friendly socks, underwear and undershirts. All items are based on fashion, function and environmentally friendly materials.
Yo man, I just got the sweetest pair of KLeN soft I want to rub them on my face.
by oneeye September 18, 2009
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A connesiour of great many things, more specifically thicc asses. He often meticiously examines the butt to waist ratio concluding the amout of c’s added to the word thicc.
Guy 1: Damn you see that girl walking by?

Guy 2: Ohh yeah, imma give her the ol Klen treatment

Guy 1: Well what ya think

Guy 2: Two extra c’s for that one
by Yeezy Prime June 12, 2018
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A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis. Becoming a member requires the individual to produce a story that he/she is a klen - see definition. The story is assessed by a panel of specially chosen klens. The panel the offer membership at their discretion.
I'm going on holiday this year. Shall I invite the rest of the klens ?
by Patellio July 23, 2003
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J-Lo, Shera, cRaks, Dupster, Slurry, Scooby, Siro, NJR (No Johnny Rups), mini Shera ... need I go on ?
by Patellio December 05, 2003
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clean the car when being drunk
an order to clean the car when being drunk
klen v.
a klenic or car klenners (n.)
klenical (adj.)
klen your car

klen yourself
by iowanian1 February 11, 2010
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Klen, a Cornish folk tale character said to have traveled down from the north of England.

The creature is known for its rancid and smell love of meat.

To call someone a klen in Cornwall is to issue an insult of great magnitude.
Person A: Oh my god mate you smell like Klen...

Person B: How dare you!
by MisterSpider April 23, 2018
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