Retarded Anglo-Saxons. I feel bad for them to be honest. They are soon to be getting raped in our world. By they, I mean racist Anglo-Saxons. They are evidence opposing Darwin's theory of evolution. Western Society is sad and definitely not growing to its potential due to the presence of these idiots. So it is inevitable that they will get raped by China and India as they are growing exponentially through technological advances. Oh and they make up the more intellectually capable half of the world. Their gene pool is clearly more complex and advanced than that of our developed countries. Btw, US president is black now...OMG?
The KKK cried when Barrack Obama became the most powerful man in the world.
by KKKgetsraped January 16, 2010
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Otherwise known as the Krugman Keynesian Klan, a cult following of neo-progressive racist economists. Their leader, Paul Krugman, heads up the organization and has won a beauty pageant in Norway on his lunatic ideas, including killing Iraqis or destroying perfectly good homes in America to stimulate the economy.
Only a member of the Krugman Keynesian Klan, or KKK, would advocate for a stimulus plan centered on defending Earth from a false flag alien invasion.
by I_Heart_Krugman October 31, 2011
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ignorant white supremacists who would probably appreciate the condescending usage of the words "faggot" or "gay" in these definitions, as they themselves stand against gay rights.
it's almost humorous to see the irony of the word "faggot" being used to describe bigotry. i guess people don't realize that close-mindedness goes beyond just racism. the kkk would probably laugh their asses off at you people.
by gypsy child March 28, 2006
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