The Kool Kids Klub

A group of kids who are super rad. Established in the early 4th grade, you're not cool until you join the kool kids klub.
Hey man I heard you joined the KKK, you're totally Kool now!
by The KKK Pres. June 19, 2006
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The KKK, although widely hated, are one of the few groups that believe in the identity of white people. If you think that whites are meant for anything other than total genetic integration with other races, than I believe that makes you some kind of believer in the ideas of the KKK. And today the KKK isn't powerful, and poses no true threat to most people nowadays.
The KKK are firmly against all other races.
by john doe. July 06, 2006
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Quite possibly the most mentally challenged individuals on the planet. They are a white supremisit extremist group who don't seem to understand the subtle differences between a demon from the 5th layer of Dante's hell and a perfectly fine gentleman/woman with a skin pigmentation. Also they are fantastic bakers.
John: I don't see how the KKK could beleive that!

Jill: They are so ignorant, but this brownie is deliscous!
by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011
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K is one strike.
KK is two strikes.
KKK is three strikes, etc.

When a high strikeout pitcher gets another strikeout, fans add another K to the wall.
by 123_fake_street October 07, 2008
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