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A Toronto-based rapper, who is known for dropping many bangers, including 'No Romance' and 'Killamonjaro'. His music is frequently heard in now-Florida-residing NELK's videos.
McKinnon: Did you hear KILLY's 'No Romance', Sameer?
Sameer: "Yeah, bro. It's lit aff"
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by TheEducatedBlackGuy May 05, 2018
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Killy- referring to anything that is really good, awesome, fantastic... like bomb chronic, great beer, an awesome experience, etc.
Man this bud is killy!

Yo homie, that party was killy last night...

Damn girl, you give some killy dome.
by Shmeegsondeck January 06, 2010
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noun.someone who is a good friend but always bothers you with their girl or boy problems
" Man dude you are such a killy dude. you never leave me out your love life"
by Jordan Clarkson June 02, 2004
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