Klit is the word i made up ib a locker room when i forgot how to speak. It means more than lit or split. It defines my beautifully stupid self.
I have a very klit personality.

Lit= split + lit
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by Senpai~Nee-san April 11, 2019
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a short white girl who dances randomly, k-shimmy. puts her fingers in people's ear, unwanted. cries when she laughs, sounds like a pipe bust. consumes 3,000lbs of honey mustard hourly and her thighs can crush watermelons.
aye yo BillyBob Buttcheeks, you see that girl, she's a k-lit type of gal.
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by HoogyPoogey98 June 18, 2018
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a short white girl who likes to dance randomly (k-shimmy), likes to put her fingers in people's ear (snake) and armpits (monkey), cries when she laughs, when she does laugh it sounds like a gas pipe leak (very disturbing), thighs could crush watermelons (baby hippo resemblance) & eats 47,000 grams of honey mustard hourly (clogged bowels daily-has a coupon at the piggly wiggly's for 50% off honey mustard).
aye yo, you see that girl, she look like a k-lit
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by HoogyPoogey98 March 19, 2017
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