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A K-Pop stan is a fan of K-Pop to the point of it being their religion. If you talk negatively about their idols, they're going to attack and harass you for it. They're extremely different from their cousins, the K-Pop fans, who are actually quite chill and polite. K-Pop stans have a bad social reputation on the Internet for replying to posts or comments on social media with clips of famous K-Pop artists dancing. One prime example of this was when a Tweet announcing the death of rapper XXXTentacion was posted which led to multiple K-Pop stans posting clips of K-Pop stans dancing, some even telling people to be fans of several K-Pop artists because they outlived XXXTentacion. Some K-Pop stans are also known to use the N-word. One prime example is when YouTube personality and former Twitch streamer Twomad posted a BTS meme on Twitter which led to multiple K-Pop stans harassing him and calling him the N-word. In conclusion, this is what K-Pop stans are.
Thomas: Dude, there were a bunch of K-Pop stans calling Chris the N-word today because he said that he doesn't like BTS.
Steve: Really? That's pretty fucked up.
Thomas: Some of them also replied to the Tweet announcing the death of XXXTentacion with clips of BTS.
Steve: How disrespectful!
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by BleachedSpaghettiYT September 26, 2020
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A person who has a slight obsession with kpop and will reference it at any time anywhere. They usually have a group of friends who are also kpop stan’s.
Rebecca is such a kpop stan, she can’t even go one second without talking about it.
by JISUNGPWARK11 February 23, 2019
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A person who likes kpop a lot. Could possibly like one group/soloist or more. These people usually have KPop profile pictures and use Twitter slang.
Hannah is a KPop stan, her favorite groups are SEVENTEEN and ShiNee. She likes Jeonghan so she uses him as her profile picture.
by Rain M December 10, 2019
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Complete retards who wont get off of my twitter timeline
Have you seen that kpop stans are proved to be autistic ?
by CreedSM February 08, 2020
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A group of people who can range from having a healthy and un-healthy obsession addiction to k-pop. They usually spend their time on twitter canceling people. They will call you racist for saying Junkook is asian but will not hesitate to say the n-word. Typically these are girls at the age of four-teen.
A: Hey did you see those girls telling us to stan BTS?
B: Yeah I think they are K-pop stans.
A: I saw them yelling at this one guy because he said their music is terrible.

B: Well what were they saying?
A: Something about how they work hours a day and spend their life making music, yada yada.
by DonkaeShronk September 11, 2020
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