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1) A word, name or phrase used to identify a mystery woman met through an online dating site. She's usually inquisitive, funny and at times challenging. She's someone who breathes a little life into each day and with every correspondence she makes moments seem magical. Usually she's articulate and knows how to communicate in such a way that she brings a sense of whimsy and sexiness to each conversation.

2) A woman with no pic on an online dating site that captures your attention and somehow manages to keep you interested even though you've never seen her of heard her voice.

3) The perfect woman to share texts with during a snowstorm

4) A person that challenges insecurities and shyness in others.

5) A patient woman.
1) "I'm going to make my JyJy some soup because she asked and I like to do it."

2) "I met JyJY online and she has totally captured my imaginationand I have no clue what she looks like!

3) "Have you looked outside JyJy? There's a foot of snow and nobody on the sidewals. Perfect time for a romantic stroll in the snow.

4) JyJy keeps pressing me to do a call or video chat but I'm not up for it yet. Still kind of nervous. Thankfully she's patient.
by BostonTerrierx2 December 27, 2012
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