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When a nub is pwned so hard that they're banished to the realm of nuberdom and will never be able to escape, it is often referred to as "Jwned"
Announcer: Bomb Armed! Bomb Planted!

Red Team Player #1: You're too fucking late Blue Team!

Red Team Player #2: Aw shit man! Those nubs just got JWNED!!!
by Dante Apothexez April 11, 2007
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jwn is not just another knock off of pwn it is so much more. When one is JWN'd they are beyond hope of ever leaving the realm of nooberdom. Think of it this way there 3 degrees of ownge OWN<PWN<JWN. So get to jwning. Also known as goin Albert.
Joel playing halo, OH MAN AFTER ALL THIS World of Nubcraft I'm Getting JwN'd.
by Shawnzzy March 29, 2007
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