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A GUY, that %99.9 of females being a fangirl when they see him. A member of the Blake Boys. He's also known as "Booty Blake" He broadcasts and record's and Youtube videos.
A) I was on musically and i just find a super hot guy. I'll show you.
B) Uh. You don't have to. It's not hard to guess. It's Justin Blake.
A) oml
by Savageedenise February 10, 2017
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Justin Blake is a transgender teen male who has over one million fans on the infamous He is known for making many teenage girls and boys soil their panties.
Person one: "Did you see Justin Blakes new video?"
Person two; "Yeah he's soooo cute~"
by Disturbedcactus October 04, 2016
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Justin Blake is an FTM transgender. He is widely known on the app, and was dating muser Raegan Beast. He broadcasts on YouNow, where he earned the name "booty blake". He also has a YouTube channel, along with 2 others. The Blake boys, which include his twin brother, Danny Blake, and best friend, Damon Blake. Along with Justin&Damon.
"Omg Justin Blake's sin battles are so hot."
"Oml I know!"
by _kylie05 June 09, 2017
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Justin Blake is known as the gayest human bean on earth he has fucked a lot of people including Raegan Beast Tyler Brown and has kissed a lot of people justin is a trans guy he is very hot and makes people wet he's famous thanks to musicly and his sins justin blake is a very loveable person his fandom is better than Raegan's and any other fandom
1 : Oh my god did you see justin blake?
2 : oh my god yes he's so hot

3 : back off missy he's mine
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