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A case of beer kept aside for a rainy day or emergency.
Tyler- "Son of a bitch! God damn beer store's closed today and I'm thirstier than a dog with no tongue"
Jamie- "No worries Broheim, Uncle Jamie's always got a Justin Case kicking around."
by King Tobera August 18, 2014
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by AxonL July 20, 2021
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The name of a fictional person, which is used for the reason that you are doing something. Used in place of "just in case".
bob: can you pack an extra sleeping bag?
mary: why? we have enough...
bob: for Justin.
mary: who?
bob: Justin Case.


Jack: just chuckin in a few extra beers for Justin...
by Jackson Beavis January 03, 2008
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A backup, ie. refering to a person as the justification for doing something.
This copy is for Justin Case.
by April 23, 2007
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to be the back up guy/girl when dating someone
Dude, you remember that chick I went out with last week?
I'm pretty sure that whore already has a boyfriend. I think I'm her Justin Case guy if they break up.
by Beefcake305 February 08, 2011
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A suitcase of spare clothes in case your trip is extended or the weather changes drastically.
Since we are headed for Florida and the weather's been crazy I have this suitcase of warm weather clothes and this justincase filled will cooler weather clothes.
by rubinator December 17, 2010
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He gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek as he left and handed me his "just in case".
by 69jiji November 01, 2006
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