An alternative Hip Hop artist from Ohio.
You can follow Just Real's freestyles at
by JustRealMC March 17, 2010
Be truthful about a situation. To come clean about a lie.
I know you cheated on so "just be real" about it.
by Mysta Prepp August 21, 2006
A phrase used to emphasis the reality or the truth of the situation; to describe an issue that his been stripped of cultural relativism; a no spin zone.
by Songshand October 5, 2007
An expression that explains how a joking or friendly conversation suddenly took a turn for the worse and is escalating towards a hostel situation and/or a physical scuffle.
Tommy: I have never been so tired in my life
George: That's what your mom said last night
Random Yell from Someone Not Actually Involved: SHIT JUST GOT REAL!
by Darrel charleston November 6, 2007
The situation has escalated to the highest point of seriousness and is no longer a laughing matter
by Jademax1990 April 7, 2015
An expression commonly used in mathematics when a complex or imaginary number is changed into a real number.
Teacher: Now we are going to multiply the given root of the polynomial by its complex conjugate.

Student: Damn, shit just got real!
by ttango December 5, 2011
A phrase originally spoken in Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action/buddy-cop movie "Bad Boys 2," but referenced in Simon Pegg/Nick Frost action/buddy-cop movie satire "Hot Fuzz," signifying a sudden crescendo of danger and/or sudden understanding of dangerous circumstances.
Picnicking friends scoffed at cautionary weather reports. Lightning strikes the ground not more than an inch from the blanket. Wide-eyed, they stare at each other: "Wow. Shit just got real."
by Mackiemesser June 11, 2010