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Name: Divine Justice which means Divine Love This is my Eternal Soul Name. I realized I had many past lives after going through 'past-life regression hypnotherapy' with a professional and her assistant many years ago. After that profound, life-changing experience, I asked my higher-self what my Eternal Soul name was before going to sleep. On the third night, I woke up, sitting up, yelling, "Justa, MY NAME IS Justa" I wrote out Justa and it was simply not correctly spelled. I then wrote down, "Jussta" And I instantly KNEW this was my true Eternal Soul Name, not a transitory name given to me by earthly parents. My life dramatically changed as I changed my name! I was able to change my name legally without any hassle - actually, miraculously. I felt totally 'present' in this physical body for the first time. Additionally, total strangers upon hearing my name began singing songs to me in retail stores, such as 'Jussta Little Lovin' Goes A Long Way" or "Jussta Walk With Jesus", they began creating "Jussta Jokes" using my new-found Eternal Soul Name.
Having an Eternal Soul Name is how memorable it is. No one forgets my name, even after years of no personal contact. In addition, I discovered the ability to intuit other people's Eternal Soul Name. Afterward, their entire lives also change. Not only their goals, their personal lives and priorities. They 'bloom' and become amazingly self-confident and loving.
Bravebeauty Jussta Jussta moment, Jussta think, Jussta little lovin' Jussta goes a long way, Jussta missed you Jussta thought Jussta justice Jussta divine Jussta The One
by Bravebeauty June 06, 2012
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