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N., Jamaican, Patois; Jamaican term for mildew; also slang for anything that carries a displeasing odour. Recently made mainstream popular by Elephant Man's song of the same name, Junjo
"lawd have mercy fi yuu pickney! Yuu rass ah JUNJO!"
((trans: lord have mercy on you, child! you{'re} {butt} STINK{S}!))
by Nadienne December 01, 2007
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When under yuh arm ah smell green cause yuh have no personal hygeine
No junjo go be dey! Hand inna di air arm nuh green!- Elephantman
by Ismello October 14, 2006
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Adjective & Noun

A multi purpose word that describes a living creature who appears to be defective.

It can also act as a title for someone who acts in a way that could be described as "absurdly retarded".
You see your new born baby for the first time and it looks well truly retarded.
"Oh no, the baby is junjo!!"

Someone walks into the room and says something ridiculously stupid.
"I didn't know he was a junjo."
by The_Giraffe_12377 July 07, 2017
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