1.) A Bahamian term for a loud, abrasive woman. They are generally ill-cultured, but this is not always the case; some can appear to be very lady like, aka "high class jungalist".

They exhibit very little control over their emotions. They are prune to loud outburst of emotions with very little shame, remorse or care of consequence. They are often attention seekers.

Jungalist have also been known to wear loud, bright and neon colored clothes and hair styles; often clashing.

Jungalist are frequently known to be involved in girl fights and have been known to fight men. They often travel in groups and can be found in most ghetto bars or low to middle class night clubs.

2.) Term derived from the "Fox Hill" community local bar and night spot, "The Jungle Club". Was a nickname for the young women in the area who patronize this establishment.

3) J.I.T (Jungalist In Training) - adolescent girl with jungalist traits aka "jungle Bunny"
Tell ya jungalist sister get out my yard and stop making noise.
Dat jungalist hair match her lemon and lime outfit.
by Draker31 September 21, 2009
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A Jungalist is a free spirit who wears what they want, when they want including unique jewellery, love drum and bass, drugs and cider!

Jungalist's always look for attention!
i'm a Jungalist!
by Benn Vaughan September 22, 2008
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A Bahamian term for a loose woman. (This term is spelt (and pronounced) in numerous ways).

They usually wear neon/too-tight clothing and ill-fitting 'sexy' shoes and may generally have ashy-toned skin. Always looking for attention. Always.

Of course, they're quite loud, i.e. empty vessel making the most noise, type of loud. Can generally be heard before they are seen. Usually, have little to no minutes on their cell phone, and can also be seen texting like crazy around town.
Q: Bey, I jes see you talkin' to a jungalist?
A: No man, that wasn't me!

A popular refrain: "Cause jungalists need love too!"
by MonaC October 13, 2007
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some heavy person that died on stage coz he was 2high on dem pills n shit.
IIIIIII am a jungalist soldierrrrrr, fiiiiightinn 2keep tha jungal aliiiive!!!!
by Crack Head Carly October 29, 2003
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