While engaged in coitus with a significant other

The act of applying a taser to the glutes (or any other significant muscle group) to stimulate the tightening of vaginal (or anal) muscles for the betterment of orgasm.

See also, "The Kenyan Jump Start" to be defined as:

the Jump Start, but (in the absence of a taser) the taser is replaced with a King Cobra

Or "The Cowboy/ Country Jump Start"

(A cattle prod)

Or "The Old-School Jump Start"

(A car battery)
"Last night I jump started my girl and I swear I came so hard we BOTH blacked out".

"My jackass boyfriend jump started me and now I have a mark"
by KinkySasquatch December 18, 2017
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verb; While you are making out, you grab the girls hand and place it on top of your boner, with your own hand on top of hers. Making sure that she begins to stroke your bone by moving her hand with yours, thus initiating the jump start.
She wouldn't go to the next level, so I had to initiate the jump start.
by Mike Leech September 14, 2006
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When a couple pinches each other's nipples it is referred to as "jumpstarting."
Me and my girlfriend were at the park and it was boring, so we decided to jump start each other.
by ChunkyBunnyThunderButt April 02, 2017
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going to a basketball court, getting naked, attaching power cables to your nutsack, jam a midget on the end of your cock and hit the switch with the intention of blasting the midget off your electrified wang through the hoop from the 3 point line. extra points for a swish.
yesterday sucked ass, i was boris yeltsin level drunk and i hit the court with some homies to practice my polish jump start. i killed 3 midgets and my cock exploded....i did hit a few 3's though. winning!
by lance uppercut176 June 11, 2011
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The Irish Jump Start is a sexual position where a man has doggy style sex with his women, right before climax the man attaches a defibrillator to each of the womans ass cheeks. When the voltage is switched on the sudden surge of electricity causes the womans vagina to tighten up.
I was banging this chick doggy style, and right before I busted a nut, I hooked up a defibrillator to her ass cheeks and hit the switch making her pussy get really tight. I gave her an Irish Jump Start.
by Fat Bastid November 28, 2006
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The act of a male self pleasuring himself through the act of masturbation / wanking or a male or female performing the same act on another male.
I got caught last night trying to jump start the tug boat!

She spent a good 15 minutes last night trying to jump start the tug boat
by MegaBuffo November 03, 2017
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If a sexual partner has nipple piercings you connect jumper cables them and proceed to fuck them from behind whilst making engine noises as if you just jump started ur car on cold day
by Corey treverson June 29, 2019
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