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First, you must have a chode to complete the Jumbo Shrimp approximately an 8" circumference. Obtain a shrimp cocktail, but this isn't your regular shrimp cocktail...fill the glass with menstrual blood and hang used condoms from the rim. Dip your scrotum in the blood and let soak for a minute while stirring. Meanwhile your partner is doing reservoir shots of stale cum from the used condoms but not swallowing, just gargling. Now, you dip your scrotum into the mouthful of stale jizz while emptying the remains of the menstrual blood into her mouth creating a milky red stew. When the mixture is complete, begin doggy-style intercourse while dipping jumbo shrimp into the concoction. Make sure you get her pregnant.
Chad: "Yo man I got this freaky chick last night."

Jeremy: "Oh yeah?"

Chad: "Yeah man she let me do the Jumbo Shrimp!"

Jeremy: "Damn, let's hope she's pregnant!"
by lombard116 October 14, 2010
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A classification of a relationship. Something more than friends with benefits but not necessarily exclusive. It's basically being exclusive with one person but you have a built-in 3 strike random hookup policy. It's for those who want to be exclusive but tend to get into it doesn't really make sense; like jumbo shrimp.

The target audience is long-distance couples.
"So how long have you guys been dating?"
' - Whoa, dating? No, we're just jumbo shrimping.'
by M.I. Guy February 22, 2010
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An enlarged labial region, occasionally including the clitoris. See Also..Blowout, Flat Tire
The local stripper pulls the squirrel cover to the side to reveal the jumbo shrimp.
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
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Someone is is really big, muscular, and well exercise but their penis is extremely small
Jessica: omg I thought Chad would have a big dick but he is just a jumbo shrimp
by Seraah's friend January 05, 2017
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a phrase that has now taken the place of "cool" So... if your going to say cool..say "JUMBO SHRIMP!!"
by Penny Lane March 09, 2005
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