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A girl that will make you want to do nothing but stare at her beauty. Many men swoon over her, but she will only pay attention to the one man she likes at the time. She is a tremendous flirt, but when she falls for a guy, she falls hard.
Guy 1: Wow, that girl is GORGEOUS.

Guys 2, 3, 4: That's Julija..... too bad she likes guy 5. She won't even look at us when he's with us.

Guy 5: She's all mine, betches.
by Eagleman12 August 13, 2012
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Pretty,crazy,funny,out-going and really cool. She sometimes lacks common sense,but she's smart.She jokes around alot,and she's great to be around.
I wanna meet Julija!
by JCBcutie6 December 23, 2010
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She is absolutely beautiful ! She's so sexy and so is her eyebrows and she is an amazing friend to have. She sometimes lacks common sense. She's really funny and she always wants the best for her friends. When you make a Julija angry you better fun for it or you'll be coming home bald and eyeless and probably toothless. if you ever break julijas heart or her friends heart you are dead meat.
Damn that Julija is so sexy! She's got a fine ass! Wish I looked like Julija!
by Julija is so sexy January 29, 2017
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A girl with this name usually lives in Slavic countries, but she sometimes does not look like a typical Slav. Extravagant, curly and soft to the touch. Will drive mad, kill with charisma.
-Goodness me! Who has pranked our boss?
-It must be Julija!
by NoVowNoWov May 31, 2018
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She is hot,amazing,nice
She always want to fuck guys though.
Boyfriend-Wow my julija cheated on me
Guy-with who?
Boyfriend-A other guy..
by the truthful bitch July 25, 2011
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