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Youthful beautiful child or young person.

Mature adults with the enrgy and spirit of young people.
Juley is such a girl and we all love her.

Juley is middle-aged and she still can compete with those at twenties in the race.
by wild lands July 04, 2009
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the opposite of a johnson (penis). a vagina
I'm looking for a Juley.
I need a Juley tonight.
Vagina that cums a lot.
by Maxxx Johnson January 02, 2008
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Anita Juley = "I need a juley", ie, a woman who needs to get laid really bad.

Annie Juley = "Any Juley" = I'll take any juley I can get.

Emma Juley = "I'm a juley" = a "man" who is REALLY a woman.

Harry Juley = "hairy juley" = a woman who doesn't trim her bush.

Juley & Juley = 2 women hunting for johnson's or 2 lesbians, depending on the context.

Lisa Juley = "lease a juley"
"ew he's an emma juley"
"i love your harry juley"
by MAXXX JULEY January 02, 2008
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