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an individual who is extremely jacked and attends college. He majors in juicemanology, and minors in weight lifting, alcohol, and girls. He does pull-ups for days at a time without even needing water or food -- just protein. He has no respect for anyone or anything, and has probably dabbled with steroids.
Lame -- "Are you a bodybuilder?"

Juiceman -- "No I'm Juiceman. Respect It."

Lame -- "Well whats your name at least?"

Juiceman -- "My name is the Juiceman you idiot."
by The Real Juiceman September 20, 2010
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someone who is a mix of irish and italian, loves to party. girls cant resist him or the juice inside him. a natrual born hustler. drinks faster then landfill himself. a el chickato veteran. very interesting, unique, generous, intelligent guy. all about his P & Q's to the T. card counting fanatic. a practition of LLTW. one BMF!!!
The one and only... you know who he is... JUICE MAN!!!
Its not the squeeze in the juice man, its the juice man in the squeeze!
by felix robinson February 12, 2010
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person that is mexican and likes to hang out with people who respect him and give juice. someone adored by women. He has a daughter and a sexy family.
look at him. hes the juiceman. and over there is juice de factor. they would kill for him.
by pocket mexi May 08, 2009
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That old guy from the infomercial that buts bananas, underwear, and shoes in the juicer, then drinks the damn thing like a fool.
Hey look at that guy, the Juice man. He's gonna get my underwear.
by BigMac March 25, 2004
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