a small trick that will make a "BIG Difference" - Indian term -

Like making a dish antenna out of cycle rim.
Well.. u need a jugaad to fix this ?
by Linkin Park September 13, 2005
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Word with origins in Hindi (an Indian language for the ignorant among you). Philosophy recently mentioned and studied by many management schools.

1) (adjective) Makeshift; jury-rigged.

2) (noun) The act of making something out of materials not intended for the purpose, usually out of desperation or unavailability

3) The philosophy of making things on the spot to make up for a lack of prior planning. Not to be confused with just-in-time

See ghetto, kludge
Farmer: the irrigation pump failed again, and I can't afford to get it fixed right now.
Friend: Don't you have an old lawnmower lying around somewhere? Does the engine still work?
Farmer: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Friend: Jugaad it is, then. I'll get the duct tape and hammer.
by flibbertigibblet January 21, 2013
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A desi term for jerry-rig or jury rig of any nature.
Jerry : Oh I've got a very bad wry neck, & I forgot to bring any pain meds!
Juggy : Don't worry, I have a jugaad for it. Just try this yoga pose for now.
by Halock September 4, 2020
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