Yeti- bruh my girlfriend broke up with me

Edwin-you serious bro
Yeti- nah bro I'm jsp
by Fuckinhatethewrld May 14, 2020
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An abbrevation for " je sais pas" which means i don’t know in french
Do u know where mike is?
Na bro jsp
by Neymaahlie April 14, 2021
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Just SMS and Peace. The act of leaving a social gathering abruptly and without telling anyone, except by an after-the-fact SMS announcing "I went home."
We were all out at the club, having a good time, when she pulled a JSP.
by BSchooler September 20, 2009
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"jsp" means "je sais pas" (je ne sais pas)

This is like "idk" for "I don't know"
-tu fais quoi ce soir? (What are you doing tonight?)
-jsp encore et toi? (I don't know yet and you?)
by Mannnns April 07, 2018
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I don’t know, « je sais pas » in French
-What is the answer at this question?
-jsp, find yourself!
by Anaelle September 20, 2018
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Hiring the same terrible employee over and over but expecting a better outcome. While simultaneously riding good employees like mules.
Jsp insanity has got us right back where we started... but a little worse.
by 3MM October 14, 2020
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