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Avery young sexy man who kind of resembles Kristopher London. Although he may be a man of few words his rather large penis makes up for it. The ladies cream when they hear the amount of Fortnite dubs he has, so many in fact that I creamed 3 times while writing this.
Fan 1: Hey that's LSK

Fan 2: No way let's get his autograph

Fan 1: Hey Kris! Can I get your auto...
Joziah: Go f**k yourself
*Fan 1 later went on to become Barack Obama*
by MWOODZ October 19, 2018
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A funny, mean, but really intelligent and bright young man. He is super sexy but a lot of people are afraid to ask him out. He is very nasty & freaky. He has struggles of staying to himself. He sticks up for family and friends. Has no fear of anything. People get his kindness confused as something else. Get you a Joziah, he will make you the happiest!
β€œJoziah is so cute and funny. He’s been my crush for the longest.”
by Cute Boy Names March 18, 2018
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The baddest bitch alive. Her mindset is great. Her personality and vibes are awesome. And she the gooodddssss...
by Badbircj August 13, 2018
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