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An old-school hotel in downtown Portland - next to the seemingly-famous Powell's books.

The hotel features a very nice, positive staff and has private rooms as well as shared dormitory-style rooms. The prices range from 17$ to 42$ a night. If you stay at the hotel for more than a month, they will cut you a small deal on paying rent weekly. The rooms are of varying quality. In order to have a guest, you need to pay an additional 7.50$ a night.

The most notable characteristic of the Joyce Hotel is those that live there.

The hotel contains truly crazy people getting their bills paid by SSI, male and female prostitutes, bums, criminals, junkies, drug-dealers, COMPLETE losers in general, sex offenders that can't get a place anywhere else, and the occassional couple staying a night - it's not uncommon for a person to be more than one of these things.
The restrooms are trashed regularly, ranging from graffiti to a feces party.

The garbage receptacles are rummaged often for cans.

It's not uncommon to see the police

Two people have died from drug-overdose within the last thirty days of me being here - that I know of.

People you don't know will try to come into your room, and those same people will knock on your door and try to talk to you. If you're about to leave your room and someone can hear you, it's not uncommon for them to wait and see who is leaving said room. People will come and see if your door is unlocked as soon as you leave. If you leave your door open for a draft, or whatever - people WILL try to look into your room.

If you are going to stay at the Joyce Hotel for an extended period of time, I strongly recommend befriending NO ONE, and to not talk to anyone unless you absolutely have to. I promise if you talk to someone too many times you'll find them knocking on your door all the time.

Don't stay here if you are a single girl/woman.

I was date-raped by a neighbor I still have to see.

Don't stay here if you have kids.

I don't really recommend staying more than a night.

Don't buy weed from room 415 at the Joyce Hotel, and trust me - they'll probably still be there regardless of when you read this.
by jfjfjfjfjf November 16, 2011
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