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Is a funny, caring, lovable, pervertic, sexy, romantic character. He is attractive and may have a complicated relationship. he may have been through a lot. He is daring tough and romantic. He is very romantic he may tell you how much he loves you and tell you that you are beautiful. He may be in a relationship for years but is really in love with his best friend that is a girl. His best friend is the perfect on for him but he stays undecided. He is a huge flirt but....he only loves his best friend. He may have abs and a rock hard body. He can make someone smile everyday he thinks about him. He will never forget who he loves. He is very quiet at first but is a nice trustworthy guy once you get to know him. And he wants to tell his best friend that he has feelings for her too. He has a big heart for everyone. he might be a trouble maker but he can behave if he tries he is not the smartest but can play well in soccer. And he has to be Latino. Anyone who is best friends with a Jostin is very lucky to have a friend like him. The love of his life loves him too and they are meant to be they are far apart physically but mentally they are close. A Jostin will never let the love of his life down.
by Jenni G November 12, 2013
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someone who is locked up / incarcerated in prison
shit ma dude they got me jostin up in tha parish fo about a dime piece ya heard me.

ma brother on a 20 year jost for selling H.

mayne they got me jostin up in dis hoe fa 4 years bro
by Erikkk May 17, 2008
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Welsh (well, not welsh language) word for farmers.
This place is full of jostins!
by Richard August 13, 2004
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