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The definition of Josias is a handsome kid who has a big dick which girls love. He is probably the sexiest man alive and the richest. He is funny, and he be getting all the bitches!
" Yo, last night, my friend had a Josias!

" He's lucky, I wish I had one.
by Tha-bossx777 December 05, 2012
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Josias Is A Peng Kid Who Gets All The Birches Josias Ain't Afraid To Talk His Mind Esspecially To Women He Loves Attention But Also Has A Reputation Of A TroubleMaker Hes Always Polite And Kind Hearted But His Mood Could Swing Into A Mysterious,Cute Bad Boy Ladies Fall For Or A Young Gentleman Ladies Are Attracted To. Besides His Epic Humour And His Peng Looks Josias Is A Girls Dream Guy.
by InPosta May 03, 2018
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