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Jorde; a no good lying dirtbag of man who's only contribution to society is being a burden. A jorde will swindle, extort, and con at every chance possible. 100% of what passes a jorde's lips is pure Bullshit. A jorde never has any of their own funds no matter what they tell you there always Broke.Jorde's are also known for molesting livestock of all shapes and sizes.
"That SOB is a Jorde you gotta watch him, he'll take ya for every cent you got if ya let him"
"They caught that fuckin jorde down at the livery again, standing on a bucket just going to town on that poor old Blind Lahma, poor fella don't even know wtf is going on just stands there chewin away in total obliveian"
by Vendetta Fist February 19, 2017
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