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A person who is so infatuated over the idea of Jordan that they believe no other player can ever compare to him. Despite overwhelming evidence and statistical proof, these people refuse to acknowledge that other players (Kareem, Bill Russel, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robinson, LeBron James, etc.) have accomplished more than Michael Jordan. Most of these people have never a Jordan game.
"Dude, you never seen a Jordan game, but you say he's the greatest... you a jordansexual. Get off his nuts."
by MichaelJordanTheGoatLOL May 17, 2017
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the word used if your name is Elliot Goldman and you're in love with a guy named Jordan Hughes.

for more examples go to and read 'Lab Partners' by: OminouslyAnonymous
You may not be gay or bi or straight, but you're jordansexual.
by phan_kookie March 28, 2018
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