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1. (noun) Main vocalist of the South Korean Idol group Golden Child (Hong Joo-Chan)
2. (noun) A person who is sometimes a multitalented genius but other times a dumb.
3. (adjective) Moving in a deeply emotional and heart-wrenching way, usually by way of singing.
4. (noun) Formal name of the office held by the majority party representative of Sydney, Singapore.
"Joochan looked so good in today's previews! Who gave him the right to be so beautiful?"
"That guy's a bit of a Joochan; he forgot what addition was for a moment, but he was the only one who could solve the last question on that test!"
"You can listen if you want, but I have to warn you, it's a very Joochan song."
by jangjoos June 03, 2018
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A name for a bad ass, shoe loving, girl loving, usually asian friend. He cares deeply about his true friends with his dark brownish hair and glasses. Joochan will usually have very expensive shoes and good grades. Usually a funny ass friend.
Has nice friends that fool around with each other.
"Yo, Joochan has those Yeezys."
"He got all the chicks man."\
by Joochan is ugly May 26, 2018
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