Also referred to as Jongus, Jongy Thanos, and Jungi, a man who exhibits all the qualities of Thanos from the Avengers series while maintaining tendencies to perform kitchen-related activities such as cooking and baking. They eventually must be squeezed and milked or they will burst, as they are full of Jongy juices.
A: Bro who is that?
B: Bro that's a Jongy!
A: Oh shit, we gotta milk him!
by psjungle January 30, 2020
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An alcoholic indian girl with semi-psychotic appearance.
That vegetarian Jongi tried to kill me with an egg roll last night.
by Cocoa Krispies September 10, 2013
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Jongy is a hardcore homosexual who loves sexual jokes and loves giving blowjobs. Many people want to be friends with him, and he has a tendency to love using up his money quickly, buying computers, and making really sexual references daily. He gets triggered easily and makes men feel uncomfortable every time he makes sexual penis jokes in front of everybody. He is partly a sociopath and can be bratty every once in a while. He also has an old man fetish.
Hey, did you see that boy over there? He is such a Jongy.
by Edgy child June 23, 2017
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