Wow where do I start. Well
Jonathon is amazing. He's super outgoing. And never fails to put a smile on my face. He has amazing hair. Super good looking. Down to earth about everything. He loves his family. Very loyal and honest. He loves watching football all the time. I love his laugh. He has a sweet side. He makes a great boyfriend. Jonathons amazing and I'm blessed to have him. You'll fall in love with him over and over again everyday.
Jonathon is a blessing
by Sweetpea24 January 02, 2017
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Jonathon is a great human being who can make friends with almost everyone, he is into technology and somehow manages to get hurt in every sport, he is amazing to everyone but doesn’t realize how important he is.
Be like jonathon he is cool, and pet a girl named Sarah her reaction will be funny.
by Immmapotatoe May 24, 2019
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Jonathon a friendly soul. A beautiful smile, blond messy hair, blue eyes and gorgeous gaze. They are a bit nerdy for example they love Star Wars but hate on Harry Potter. They are intelligent young Men and very polite. They all deserve the perfect girl sadly for my Jonathon that isn't me. He deserves a girl who understands him for who he is and not just because they like him, a girl who laughs a lot, respects her friends and is very strong and loyal. Here's a favour if you meet a Jonathon keep him as a friend forever because he will help you through tough times, he lend a shoulder to cry on and will love you forever. Trust me you too will love him forever.❤️❤️❤️❣️
Keep as friend or more for the rest of your life you won't regret it . #Jonathon
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by Karate April 29, 2019
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A crazy boy who takes too many baths and listens to his music really loud. He isn't the most attractive of his kind but there will always be one person who loves him for who he is.
"You had another bath last night. You're tuning into a Jonathon!"

"Turn that music down Jonathon!"
by youdontknowmelol99 December 22, 2012
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Jonathon is a boys name who is always on his computer, or on the toilet, sometimes you can even find him on both. Even though they seem to be smart, they do hover around the average grade (jk). If you ever go looking for one, just find ETHAN HARRICKS and you can find him harassing jono
wow, look at Jonathon

wow, did Jonathon just get a c-
Jonathon, get off roblox!
by Th3gUyWhOmAkEsDiCtIonArY July 29, 2019
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A simple definition for a expert chess player. He is usually a jew who goes to the wising well to steal pennies. Has gotten wealthy off being a prostitute.
Fucking JONATHON i hate you get out of my pockets.
by adsads June 11, 2005
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HOT. 🥵 super sweet and funny has a 15 inch dick and let’s you put your foot on his thigh in the middle of class and then gets in trouble because the teacher hates him. VERY FUNNY and maybe a little shorter then you

I love you babe❤️❤️🥵😘
Friend: who’s your bf?

Me: Jonathan... hes so hot

Jonathon is super funny and hot
by Love y’all and love in Texas November 12, 2019
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