Sometimes they're nice, but usually an annoying little fuck that always has an opinion
Ya know what, jomar's annoying as hell
by YAchuu April 07, 2019
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The Days of our lives couple consisting of John Black and Marlena Evans Black
Jomar were caught by Tony on the Dimera Compound
by Sogol March 18, 2005
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Often a former Emo/Death-Metal ( or some stupid genre of that nature ) kid who hates his actual name and has his best friend also with a dumb nick name such as ( Antichrist or something rebellious of that nature. ) whom later shaves his long hair and ditches the Mexican goth look for a James Franco look-a-like and ends up wrestling for his highschool team, later on neglecting his friends and becoming a excessive procrastination.
Guy 1: Hey want to go to a Bomb The Music Industry Show?

Guy 2: Yeah Sure!

( Couple Hours Before The Show )

Guy 1: You Ready?

Guy 2: Nah I don't want to listen to whack bands or Ska

Guy 1: Your backing out a couple minutes before the show? Your such a Jomar!
by Orionami May 27, 2011
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A little shit who beats his dick to yorkies and fucks his anime girl mouse pad
by Quinntinn September 12, 2020
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Jomar is that type of person who doesn’t care what people think, he does whatever he wants even if there are consequences and will insult or hurt a friends feeling if they know from experience how not acting that way would hurt them in the long run, usually smart and pretty good at sports. A Jomar is a person u can count on even if u think u can’t because he would rather go through hell than to see one of his friends in pain. He can be annoying at times but that’s just who he is, u can’t change it and it would be best if u didn’t try because once he warms up to you and trusts you he will open up about his feelings
Jomar is just annoying, but that’s what makes him friendly
by Master hippo January 09, 2021
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Jomar is loving, caring, and loves affection. He hates hurting people or being the reason somebody is upset. Although he might get angry sometimes, he will always care about and love you. Jomar will go to the extreme to keep you happy and keep that smile on your face.

He is protective and will always make sure you are safe no matter where you are. He loves cuddles and has the best smile. Jomar will spoil you with gifts and the best gift of all? His presence. He is a great person to be around as he is kind and has an amazing laugh.
“Hey! Did you meet the new guy Jomar?”

“Yeah! He is so nice!”
by Tamara Coco April 23, 2021
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