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Jolie is a beautiful girl, she is extremely talented and a very happy girl, she has a heart of gold and wants to make people happy alot of the time. She will always work hard for what she really wants and wont give up on it! Jolie is stunning and this often causes alot of jealousy, she is usually quite excited and happy and gives the best advice and is always there when you need her.
that Jolie girl is totally awesome
by NoahLee123 April 30, 2018
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She is a beautiful girl with brown eyes. She is outgoing and happy. She usually has problems with boys/people. She talks a lot. She is very kind and people want to be around her. She has brown hair and has siblings. A lot of people love her.
"You are such a Jolie!"
by Jolieeee April 25, 2017
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The most funniest person ever. She is a great friend to all. She is weird and crazy sometsometimes ,but she also knows how to get the job done. She is a strong,confident (sometimes),and beautiful young lady. She loves to dye her hair and experiment with it. She has beautiful hazel eyes. She is the bestest friend i could ever EVER ask for. All around the best person I know!!!😘😘😘
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The most amazing girl in the world. Her apperence will blow you mind. She loves to dance. Also a sexual goddess. But she normally dates stupid guys. but her really lover is normally a close friend.
Damn, that girl can dance like Jolie.
by EmergencyExit August 30, 2011
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Jolie is the most amazing girl in the world. She is very pretty and knows how to handle tough situations. She is an awesome lover. She is also great with kids and loves everybody. When She likes someone she likes them for awhile and is loyal to him. She loves dancing. She loves animals. She is Amazing
person 1: Is that Jolie
person 2: Yeah thats her
person 1: *boner*
person 2: *another boner*
by Sj April 03, 2013
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