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An ill party school in Providence Rhode Island most of the population at JW is rich kids usually from the new england area or long island. JW also has some of the hottest girls u will see in the north east
it also has a good business program and hospitality program lol
Yo lets go into providence and see what parties are going on at Johnson and wales university and get fucking trashed and laid
by JGMK December 01, 2006
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A 4 year university in the heart of Providence Rhode Island. Mainly known for its outstanding Business Technology and Hospitality programs and its outstanding looking students. JWU has some of the best looking students in the country, mainly rich kids from the northeast that love to party and hook up
Yo those kids go to Johnson and Wales University, no wonder why they are so smart and goodlooking!
by LKrole December 04, 2006
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A 4 year teaching University in Downcity Providence Rhode Island.
Known mostly for its culinary and hospitality programs, it offers many degrees in Technology, and Business as well.

It's also down the hill from more prestigious school such as BROWN UNIVERSITY and the RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN (RISD) (Shit tends to roll down hill...)

The students like to think there the best thing sliced sliced bread, when there a group of mostly spoiled brats who couldn't buy their way into a better school.
Brown U Student1: You don't wanna go across the Providence River
Student2: Why?
Student1: Because, all those wanna be Gottie Johnson And Wales University students are there
by An ashamed JWU student January 22, 2007
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