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The JC. It's the Orange County of middle America. Go ahead, drive through; you won't even believe you're in Kansas anymore.
Me: "W-where are we? Where are all the trailer parks, where are all the rusty old trucks? Where are all the cow boys? Is this still Kansas?"
Brent: "This is the J.C., everyone here has a net worth of at least one million dollars."
by FRED December 30, 2004
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The OC of the Midwest. Don't be Jealous. Sure some of our parents pay for everything, and yes we have some the best schools in the area, and maybe we do have everything any major city and suburbs have except much better and cleaner,and perhaps we get to reap the benifits of the Plaza and Westport except we dont have to live in the Dot, but don't hate us because we're beautiful, love us because from JoCo and we're clearly better than you.
Damn! who was that mofo that just cut me off in his BMW?! oh! he was from Johnson County? I'll forgive him.
by IrishMexi42 May 06, 2006
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What conservative Republicans think about when they are masturbating. Put otherwise, it is a vast, sprawling wasteland of large houses, restaurants like Applebee's and Chili's, Protestant churches, and golf courses. Living there is kind of like watching paint dry, but without all the excitement.
Let's move to Johnson County so we don't have to be around blacks, gays, liberals, latinos, or Catholics ever again!
by Expat227 December 31, 2008
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Located in eastern KS, Johnson County is one of the richest counties in the U.S. Somehow tons of kids have no money, what's up with that?
"I live in Johnson County, man"
"Whoa, you must be loaded!"
"Not so much.."
by aim: pflumm EP September 04, 2006
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You could live a lot worse. It's not as rich as everyone says, granted some people are loaded and the majority of them went to my high school. There are a lot of people that are fake but if you look deeper you'll find most people are normal and not rich as fuck. We do have great schools. So don't hate us because our parents worked hard to get here. I used to hate to say I'm from Leawood but now I say it with pride because my parents worked hard to get there and I shouldn't be ashamed of their work ethic
I went to Blue Valley North, I'm not rich, both my parents work, and I don't have blonde hair, nothing is what it seems.
by YEA! November 21, 2004
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Thought of as the OC of the midwest - which is somewhat true
While theres plenty of money floating around here its not quite as rich as its made out to be though.
Mission Hills, Berry Hills, and parts of Leawood are the main rich areas.
big fancy cookie cutter houses are common in the northern parts but the larger, more unique mansions can be found spread out around Stilwell (where i live) (10-15 minutes from Mission Hills, 5-10 minutes from Berry Hills)
To see the those examples ask anyone from stilwell to show the Miller's house (big brick house on Metcalf Avenue (cant miss it))and the nearby neighborhood or ask them to take you down Mission Road (long curvy road that branches off into a ton of long dark gated drives in Mission Hills (often a big hangout for santanists - its not a huge problem anymore, but its still a problem))

Most kids in Johnson County are in the Blue Valley school district and most of the Mission Hills/Berry Hills, and Leawood teens go to Blue Valley High School (where i go)
which is a pretty good representation of JC's social status-
Abercrombie/ Hollister/ Guess/ect clothing
15-20 Coach bags in every hallway
plenty of brand new mustangs/ f-150's/ scions/ect in the parking lot
(along with one black Hummer H2 with 26" wheels)
and plenty of Audi's/ BMW's/ Acura's/ Denali's/ Escalade's/ Naviagtor's in the Drop-off/Pick-up lane
"oh... Blue Valley/Johnson County... that explains a lot..."
by kmitch93 October 28, 2007
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Take the rich, upity fuckers from Orange County, CA and add a few rednecks, a couple hundred thousand soccer moms (and a few hot MILFs). The worst place on earth, in Kansas none the less. The habitat of white dudes in rice burners that think they are ghetto even thought they live off their millionaire parents. One of the gateways to hell.
You haven't seen hell until you have seen Johnson County, Kansas.
by Andrew El Taco July 24, 2004
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