A very beautiful girl inside and out wether she wants to believe it or not. Has a great sense of humor and is alwyas there for a friend. Though has some anger management isues it does not affect her love for people and is loved by most guys. She provides her attention to THE guy a good portion of her time.
Damn i need me a Joelys !
by Natalie Alvin June 30, 2011
The name that was bestowed upon the most beautiful of Angels.. those given this name are the most kind-hearted of all. They are simply astonishing to say the least.

They have been know to be in a relationship with a Sean xD
She is simply beautiful, her name must be Joely
She's Gorgeous.. her name must be Joely
by She is amazing December 21, 2010
A Joeli is a very beautiful intelligent girl. She is a very sweat girl and has a lot of friends. Anyone would be so luck to have a Joeli.

A Joeli can get very aggressive so don't piss her off! She is very talented and has a good taste in fashion. You won't wont to miss out on a Joeli they are the best thing you would ever get.

Joelis attracts all the boys.

Joelis are extremely funny and can make anyone laugh.
Omg look at all the boys round that girl.

She must be a Joeli
by Suck one😇 March 29, 2015
A funny and caring human being. She is adventurous and loves animals, an explorer at heart and knows what she wants. Anyone that meets a Joelis will experience joy from knowing her. If you fall in love with a Joelis, don't break her heart because she will have no problem letting you go.
O my god!!! That's Joelis, she's so pretty.
by yollyblue November 20, 2018
An extremely smart and talented girl who has a big heart. Loves all of her friends and has the compassion and love to put others first. She’s always super fun to be around and will be there for you whenever you need her the most. She’s had an amazing personality and stands out in the crowd. She’s fun, smart, beautiful, loyal, kind, caring, happy, and outgoing. She’s one of the most amazing girls in the world and anyone lucky enough to have a joelie in their life is truly blessed. She is great with kids and loves life. She’s super thic and is always down for a good time.
She must be a joelie 😍
by Livin’Life January 20, 2019
When you use long words more than you should and when they're not needed.
"That's a really joely thing to do/say"

"Stop being so joely"
by west_fields December 1, 2019
One of my best friends that doesn't know how to SHUT THE FUCK UP :) but it's ok i love her. Used to describe one that is happy and always in a good mood.
Joelie: Dude what's going on with Martha?
Olivia: Idk fam she talked shit so ion talk to her no more
Joelie: Oh shit man that sucksss
Martha: What is Olivia saying about me!?
Joelie: Hold up I have screenshots
Joelie: Hey it's a beautiful day I'm so fuckin happy
Olivia: yay positivity
by SupDudesItsOlivia January 8, 2017