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A born again Christian who runs the largest Christian church in the United States. He and his father founded "Prosperity Gospel Christianity". His primary message is that if you are a "good Christian", you will make money, and that the bible says you should make money and be rich. When, in fact, the bible says exactly the opposite, and it is something that Jesus explicitly warned against.

He recieved some heavy criticism for refusing to open up his 16,800-seat Lakewood Church to victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
"Did you make it to church today? Joel Osteen sure had a wild service."
"Joel Osteen only cares about money."
by Roudydogg1 March 23, 2019
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A inspirational speaker who is over paid and takes money from anyone and everyone. Someone who had to endure public lashouts against him to motivate him to do the right thing. An actual piece of human shit.
by thatjedikid_ August 30, 2017
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A famous and powerful preacher in Houston Texas. He is also known as the smiling preacher. He has received some criticism from other preachers that only want to tell you that you're going to hell and from people that get mad that a preacher is making money. He has also been accussed of not preaching from the Bible however, there hasn't been a single cermon he has done that he has not used or changed any scriptures. He has been respondsible for attracting millions of people to the Christian faith. In addition, at of 2009 he has the largest church in the United States. He has been noted on teaching people not only prosperity through God but also how to help people, tolerate people, stay faithful, and stride for your goals through God. He has also stated that prosperity is not always money but health, or just having a good job. He continues to touch millions of hearts and lives.
God Jesus Christian Love Christianity Jesus Christ Joel Osteen
by mc of prayer July 19, 2009
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Evil preacher who preaches for millions of dollars but wont lift a finger until guilt tripped to help hurricane victims hes litterly leading over 7 million people straight to hell in a handbasket . A true pawn of the antichrist.
Joel osteen is a pawn of satan.
by frien June 14, 2019
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The happiest man alive in Texas. He is a Christian pastor that often says "You are a child of the most-high God". Has a creepy smile.
Joel Osteen: "-and this child had severe autism, just like me!"
*Creepy smile intensifies*
by Weaponized Dank Ootism September 23, 2019
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