Guy who can’t keep his dick hard to have sex with a real girl. Because he is too busy wanking to porn and lying about it! He also is impotent as he cannot orgasm during sex.
J: Hey baby, wanna get it on?
K: nah, have you been pulling a joe Collings today? I don’t want to get chaffing from too much pounding hahahaa
by 9inchNails9 December 29, 2020
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Joseph Silver Collings is a porn addict. He is also a compulsive pathological liar. He treats other people nicely only to gain something. He is passive aggressive, dismissive, condescending and hasn’t been taught any manners. He has a 3-a-day porn and masturbating addiction that he cannot shake and has had since he was 12. He is spiteful and manipulative. He will ruin your life if you go near him. Don’t do it. For your own sake.

Be nice. Don’t be a Joe Collings.
Be nice, don’t be a joe collings.
by C.P.L. December 29, 2020
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