2 definitions by 9inchNails9

Guy who can’t keep his dick hard to have sex with a real girl. Because he is too busy wanking to porn and lying about it! He also is impotent as he cannot orgasm during sex.
J: Hey baby, wanna get it on?
K: nah, have you been pulling a joe Collings today? I don’t want to get chaffing from too much pounding hahahaa
by 9inchNails9 December 29, 2020
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The type of man who passively aggressively reacts to all confrontation, usually has an undiagnosed personality disorder, is overly defensive about everything, often talks with a lisp, usually sporting curly hair and/or roseacea skin.
Man, that joeseph is really is looking like a pussy faggot lately.
by 9inchNails9 December 27, 2019
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