3 definitions by C.P.L.

Joseph Silver Collings is a porn addict. He is also a compulsive pathological liar. He treats other people nicely only to gain something. He is passive aggressive, dismissive, condescending and hasn’t been taught any manners. He has a 3-a-day porn and masturbating addiction that he cannot shake and has had since he was 12. He is spiteful and manipulative. He will ruin your life if you go near him. Don’t do it. For your own sake.

Be nice. Don’t be a Joe Collings.
Be nice, don’t be a joe collings.
by C.P.L. December 28, 2019
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A guy who is too scared to stand up to a girl, he thinks she’s controlling but he is making it up in his head. He goes behind her back and lies and withholds information to use as “power” over her. He can’t stand up to his mother and has serious mummy issues. He is a porn addict and uses this to gain power in his pissant relationship. He’s also massively passive aggressive and thinks that having common decency and manners is “controlling”. He thinks that you will be in love with him when he’s treated you atrociously.
Ange: did you talk to joe today?

Bec: nah, he blocked my number and I couldn’t reach him. What a pussy Faggot 🙄
by C.P.L. December 27, 2019
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Fat bitch that is a dog. She eats waaaaay too much and is grossly overweight. Likely she can't even see her own cunt. She has a Gunt. She is aggressive and overbearing. She has a blatant disregard for other people and will fuck over anyone to get ahead. She smells feral and drinks way too much alcohol. It's no wonder she cant control her enormous weight. She is a bogan from Queanbeyan, has no class, manners, or decorum. She thinks the sun shines out of her ass, but she is a backstabbing bitch who will ruin your day. She's also really fugly, and hurts your eyes. Treat her like the sun, and don't stare directly at her - you can go blind. She's also roughly the same size as the sun.
A: do you know Kimberlee Tutalo?

B: Isn't that the fat bitch that smells bad and fucked you over? She's so rude to look at. Ew.
by C.P.L. February 12, 2020
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