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The greatest British soul singer fo all time. He toured as Joe Cocker and the Grease Band for a while. His biggest songs were the Beatles "With a little help from my friends", "Feelin' Alright", "The Letter" and "Love Picked us up". The last one is his most annoying. It was for the movie "An Officer and a Gentlemen". It's jsut a really sappy song, but the rest are just kick ass!
Joe Cocker had some really weird moves.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 23, 2005
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This dude who danced very strange, as though he was retarded, and have a gravely dry voice. He sang at woodstock '69 and became famous for his strange movements. Also perfected a beatles song. His last name turns me on
Joe Cocker: AHH WITH A LITTLE OF MY FRIENDS!!! <dances and around dies>
by GANJAMAN November 16, 2004
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