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Jod is a supreme being who rules over the universe. Jodism is the following of Jod's teachings and scriptures on how to live life in a correct manner. Anyone who follows the path of Jod is called a Joddist. There is no holy book as such but revered scriptures include the 'To Do' book and 'HWK Diary'.
Joddists have their own set of commandments they must abide by and often like to associate with members of the jewish faith. Some of the major commandments are below:

Jod is ALWAYS right and as a result, so is a Joddist
Jod ALWAYS gets his way and as a result, so does a Joddist
Jod is NEVER on time, as a result, neither is a Joddist
Jod wants EVERYONE to love him, as a result so does a Joddist

In Jodism it is believed that Jod created the world in 6 days. He originally meant to start work on the sunday but was running late and ended up starting on the monday. Jodism is actually a polytheistic faith and followers believe in numerous less significant deities such as 'God', 'Kod' and 'Clod'.
The most famous disciple of Jod is the Prophet Rod and he has been spreading his gospel since the turn of the 21st century
"And the Prophet Rod started his arduous journey throughout the middle east spreading the word of Jod and extending the reaches of Jodism"
by Gandles October 09, 2006
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Jodism is a religion

jodism ; is kinda like being a hippy , dont give a shit for anyone else unless they give a shit about you , you respect people who respect you . weed and stuff is okay , but cocaine and speed and the stronger drugs arent but tbh , if you wanna go ahead and kill yourself , feel free . also , dont judge people untill youve spent atleast 5 seconds with them, 5 second rule is always a must . you have to live life to the full . and be totally honest with people and basicly fuck rules within reason . and have fun
alcohol is allowed
stealing if okay too
murder and rape shit isnt okay thou
Dude are you catholic?
Nah fuck that shit im a jodist
ooo hows life?
awesome & yours?
sucks , god is suck an ass and he made adam fuck his own kids
join me in jodism then its much better
by veronica19922105 August 30, 2006
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